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Sport Funding

Ettington Sports Funding Usage - 2017/2018

The following will occur during the year as a result of the £16,000 sports funding:

  • Install a Life Channel pod (TV) in the school playground to display video clips, information programmes and school messages relating to Sports, healthy lifestyles and well-being. Staff will also have access to the Life Channel in their classrooms to use resources to support the PE and PSHE aspects of the curriculum. (£2750 per year – 3 year Service Level Agreement in total).
  • Update the play-ground markings. (£1000)
  • Run a minimum of 3 week long holiday sports clubs – Whit, Easter and Summer Holidays. Around 20 children to attend free of charge. (£2775 – mostly funded from previous years allocation).
  • Run a free after-school sports club during the school year. Alternating between KS1/EYFS and KS2 each half term. KS1/EYS – Multi Fun Club and KS2 Multi Sports Club. (£775)
  • Install more new fixed play equipment on the school field – Tyre Play System adjacent to Trim Trail for use at lunch and play times. (£3000) 
  • To provide a wider range of equipment in the Reception outdoor learning area to develop gross and fine motor skills. Equipment will include vehicles, hoops, balls, balance equipment etc. (£1500)
  • Enable Reception pupils to take part in the Fit4Schools assessment programme – 4 X per year. (£2800)
  • Provide a wider range of playtime equipment. (£1000)
  • Provide a wider range of PE/Sports equipment for use within the curriculum and extra-curricular activities. (£1500)
  • Provide free mini bus/coach transport to sports fixtures within the school day. (£1000)
  • Provide CPD sessions for teaching staff – focus on dance/gymnastics. Fit4Schools Dance Teacher to provide training and ideas. (£80 for two sessions).