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Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools

SIAMS Results for 2023 

Inspection grading: J1 - November 30th 2023 

The final SIAMS REPORT 2023 for Ettington is attached at the bottom of this page. To find out more about SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools)

Below are some key points of the report: 

  • The Christian vision shapes the inspirational and ambitious curriculum built on global perspectives. Pupils embrace all that the school offers. As a result, pupils flourish exceptionally well in their learning, personal and spiritual development.
  • A strong culture of love, respect and trust between all members of the school community enables everyone to live well together.
  • Determined leaders bring dedication and energy to make certain the vision is lived out in school. They unswervingly ensure everyone is valued, included and given the opportunity to excel.
  • The Christian vision and values are deeply connected and threaded through the work of the school. In this highly inclusive environment, everyone is well-supported and nurtured.
  • A thoughtfully crafted curriculum is rooted in the belief that God's plan is for everyone to flourish. Its design provides for all learners to develop, recognise their gifts and embrace fulsome learning. An older pupil described flourishing as, 'growing wings, spreading and expanding knowledge, learning new things and flying better.'
  • This small but outward-looking school is infused with its Christian vision-inspired learning for fullness of life. This has generated a community that serves all with love, respect and trust creating an exceptional place of learning.