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E-Safety encompasses Internet technologies and electronic communications such as mobile phones as well as collaboration tools and personal publishing.

It highlights the need to educate pupils about the benefits and risks of using technology and provides safeguards and awareness for users to enable them to control their online experience.

Our e-Safety Policy has been written by the school, building on the Warwickshire e-Safety Policy and government guidance. The school’s e-safety policy will operate in conjunction with other policies including those for ICT, Student Behaviour, Bullying, Curriculum, Child Protection, Data Protection and Security. The school will appoint an e-Safety Coordinator. This may be the Designated Child Protection Coordinator as the roles overlap.

L.I. – To create E-Safety School Mascots


eSafety Owls by Fauna

In a land of dreams long, long ago, in fact before your oldest granddad and grandma, there lived a girl called Asia.  She was full of beauty, more beautiful than the sunset or the night sky with glistening features.  Even though it was late at night Asia was still busy contacting friends online.  She hadn’t been sleeping well because she had become obsessed with the computer and had caught a virus from a game on the computer.

Before long she had developed rosy red eyes and a runny nose and a dry sore throat.  “A-A-ATISCHOOO.”  Suddenly, to her astonishment, an old wise owl was darting around the room.  Then it sat down in front of her with ruby red eyes peering at her.  “I am Mr Twitter,” he informed her in an ear piercing voice “I have come to help you, watch and listen,” he said to a shivering Asia.

He started chanting:

“I’ll come once a year,
so you suffer no fear.
Keep your personal details to yourself,
If you want to keep your mental health.
Block people who send a nasty message,
Stand up to people and use your courage!
If someone upsets you, flag it up with someone you trust,
And never arrange to meet a stranger, that really is a MUST!”

At first she couldn’t believe her eyes but eventually she recovered, realising that this is something special and important “come” he said and took her in the clouds.

Asia knows now that she should be good on the internet.  She lives in computer land with Mr Twitter.