Eco action

Find out how the school eco committee having been taking action in our school.

Every year eco council take responsibility for at least two eco weeks which involve the whole school participating in cross-curricular activities (incorporating outdoor learning). These learning experiences address green issues such as; reducing energy and waste, improving the school and grounds as well as helping pupils build sustainability into all aspects of their lives.

Whole school outdoor learning experiences have included: – orienteering ( on the theme of recycling/ reusing ), designing, making and evaluating their own version of a simple water washing device used in African countries called a ‘tip-tap’, designing and making wind turbines, redesigning and improving the school grounds including building a new gardening area, participation in the British science associations  bumble bee discovery, making bee and insect houses and mini wildlife ponds.

Bee Hotels:

Using DT skills, we created “bee hotels” for the garden area.

Bee Hotel 4Bee hotel 3Bee Hotel 1


We attempted to create our own volcanic eruptions using basic kitchen cupboard ingredients.


Bead Art:

After collecting sticks from the nature area, we hung beads to make wind chimes.

SticksBeads 5Beads 2Beads 3


Working with our buddies, we have started to decorate the playground fence.

PaintDemoeco weekDSC03438

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