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We follow the units of learning and syllabus that has been agreed by Warwickshire SACRE (Standing Advisory Council of Religious Education – Although we are a Church of England school, it is not just about worship and following a religion but to have a deep and broad knowledge, understanding and respect for other people’s beliefs.

All classes learn about Harvest in the Autumn term as we feel this is of great relevance to our children given our rural location. We celebrate together with our community in a service at our local church where we take food offerings for our local food bank. This year our classes wrote their own Prayers of thanks, which we shared in our Harvest church service.

We broadly celebrate Christmas traditions within school each year, with each year group having progressively deeper questions to investigate. This year our questions are:


How do I celebrate Christmas?
How might a Christian celebrate Christmas?
Who was at Jesus’ birth?

Year 1

How do I celebrate Christmas?
How might a Christian celebrate Christmas?
How might other people celebrate Christmas?

Year 2

What is important to me or others at Christmas?
How did the people in the Christmas Story feel?
Was Jesus born a King?

Year 3/4

What traditions to some people celebrate?
Why do Christians give gifts as Christmas?
Why do Christians sing carols at Christmas?

Year 4/5

Is Christmas celebrated around the World?
What does the Bible tell us about Christmas?

Year 5/6

How do Christians celebrate Christmas differently?
Why did God send Jesus to Earth?
Who is Jesus?

The Two Kings

King Saul had an argument with God and was in a bad mood. He would roar and shout and sometimes even throw things! His servants suggested cheering him up by asking David to play his harp for King Saul which helped.

David knew that God had chosen him to be the next king but the time was not yet right. David’s brothers were summoned to war but David stayed home to look after the sheep. When he visited them with clean clothes he offered to face the giant Goliath as he trusted God. He used a stone in his sling and which struck Goliath on the head. Hurray for David, David our hero!

Two Kings2

Saul was jealous of David and secretly plotted against him.

Dear God,

Help us to prepare ourselves for whatever the future may bring.


Harvest Festival

The children donated tins of food which will go to a local food bank to be given to those in need.

All classes prepared a Harvest poem to think of all the wonderful food we are thankful for.


Harvest 1

Year 1’s Rainbow Poem 

Harvest 2

Year 2 – Monty and Darcey shared their HARVEST acrostic poems.

Harvest 3

Year 3 – Thomas, Holly and Hannah shared their poems.

Harvest 4

Year 4/5 – Lucia shared her poem.

Harvest 5

Year 5/6 – Shared a clever HARVEST poem by using the letters in ‘harvest’ to make other words of significance.

Harvest 6