A creative curriculum for all

Our ethos and philosophy for learning forms the foundation on which our curriculum is developed.

Whether children are exploring Shakespeare, planting bulbs in the raised beds, writing a charter for sustainable living or creating a piece of music, learning for life is at the heart of what we do.

We ensure that all children are taught the subjects required by the National Curriculum by providing an exciting learning environment with appropriate challenge for every child.  We believe that children achieve most and learn best when they are motivated and engaged by their learning, therefore we ensure that whenever possible they should take part in creative, practical and stimulating learning experiences with real purpose.

These are our 5 core curriculum subjects:

Our Foundation Subjects are:

To promote creativity, foundation subjects are interwoven and taught through a Topic Theme, developing both skills and knowledge.  Each Topic is introduced to pupils by means of ‘Lead-In Days’.  We further enhance the learning experience by inviting visitors to the school, planning trips and organizing enrichment days.