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Young Carers



Link to Warwickshire Young Carers Project website –

At Ettington Primary School we have a good level of attendance, however as we always strive to improve, this is another area I focus on. We regularly monitor attendance (and punctuality) levels and will let you know if your child’s attendance/punctuality is giving us cause for concern or falls below a certain level. This is not done to criticise your parenting, it is done to advise you of any concerns we might have and again, to offer support if it is required.

At Ettington Primary School we are proud to be able to offer the ‘Triple P’ parenting programme. This is the only parenting programme Warwickshire County Council recommends and it is proving a great success with many of our school families who have already completed a course.

This is only a brief introduction, but please do get in touch if there is anything you feel we might be able to do to support you or your child.

If there is an issue that may, in some way, impact on your child’s happiness or ability to either attend school or settle and concentrate once they are with us, please let us know. For some, this may be connected to development or health issues, for others it may be due to a house move, relationship breakdown or loss within the family. The list is endless, but rest assured, we are more than happy to work with you to find the best way to support you and your child.

In school we are working with the Young Carers Project and are hoping to achieve the Warwickshire Young Carers Schools Award.

This organisation does an amazing job supporting young people who are in a caring role. The project describes a Young Carer as ‘a young person who lives with someone who has an illness, disability, mental health or substance misuse problem’.

If you think this project could help a young person in your life, have a look at the link and if you have any questions or would like a referral making, either contact Mrs Crowe in school via telephone 01789 740236, pop in or contact the project direct.