Sport Funding


 Fit 4 Schools A Sports Coach works with each class during the week to provide specialist teaching, supporting the development of fitness and health.Developing ‘Sport Leadership’ with Child Mentors. All children complete a termly fitness challenge to improve their fitness levels and improve their ‘personal best’.  Pupils are challenged against themselves and are tracking their fitness levels.Year 6 pupils are ‘sport leaders’ and lead activities/assessments with younger children.
Staff Training INSET  – All Class Teachers  have received in-house training as above to up-date skills and ability in delivering the New Curriculum for PE. Staff confidence has increased. Staff knowledge increased and focus is now on skills development and children competing against themselves to improve skill and fitness.
Sports Resources  We have updated some of our sports equipment and resources, including the play-time equipment.

We have introduced and participated in a wider range of after school tournaments with local school, to provide challenge and competition for our pupils.

Children have good quality resources within PE lessons and during play-times. They are more active throughout the day and settle to work quicker after an active break.

Pupils have opportunities to play sports in a competitive manner against pupils from local schools.