School Meals

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School dinners are cooked on the premises and are extremely good value at £2.34. They may be ordered weekly from school and should be paid for in advance on the first day of the week via parentpay.  It is helpful to School if you pay in advance for a term or half term.  Any outstanding credit can simply be carried over to the next term.

Free School Meals

Free school meals can be provided to those who qualify for Pupil Premium. They are available to children whose parents receive either Income Support or Income Based Job Seekers’ Allowance.  By registering for FSM you trigger money for the School which will direct benefit your child.


Universal Free School Meals

All infant children (Reception to Year 2) are provided with a free school meal cooked on the premises by Alison and her team, who work for Educaterers. There will still be a choice of 2 meals a day and you do not have to register to receive them – it is an automatic entitlement.

Children may bring a packed lunch if parents wish. We would ask that these be as healthy as possible and should not include nuts, sweets or chocolate. Glass bottles or fizzy drinks are not allowed. We recommend that you use an insulated lunch box throughout the year for health reasons.

Healthy Schools Snacks

We are a Healthy School and to ensure we meet Health Board Requirement please make sure your child comes to school with a healthy snack.  Please no nuts, chocolate or crisps at snack time.

The school provides fruit daily for Key Stage One children.  If we feel the snack is inappropriate we will ask the child to eat it after school.


Key Stage One children will be given free fruit under the Free Fruit for Schools scheme at break-time. Key Stage Two children are allowed to bring in fruit or raw vegetables.

Tuck Shop at Morning Break

Year 6 Enterprise – the children run a tuck shop at morning break where you can purchase various items including toast (20p), crumpets (20p), fresh fruit (20p), cereal bar (20p), muffin (20p), apple juice (25p) strawberry & banana smoothie (15p) and milkshake (25p). This is all in line with our Healthy School Procedures.

Children will be allowed to purchase one food item and one drink item only per day. Please ensure that monies are put in a purse each day so that your child becomes as independent as possible as quickly as possible.


Every child is encouraged to bring in a bottle of water which he/she can drink at any time.

Organisation of Lunches

Our school meals come via Educaterers and are divided into Week 1,2 and 3 on a rolling basis.

There are six lunchtime supervisors who are responsible for helping younger children with their lunches, lunchtime behaviour and general supervision.

For our complete week by week, day by day in-depth menu choices see the Primary Lunch Menu Choice: – weekly dinner menus can be access via this webpage link.

Menu effective Friday, 3rd September 2021 – Lunch Menu 2021-2022 (click on link to open)

(V) denotes Vegetarian choice (H) denotes Homemade (MCS) denotes Marine Stewardship Council Sustainability Mark

A vegetarian choice is not available each day – if your child needs a meal other than those shown please contact our schools cook in the first instance.

All meals are served with either, a potato dish, rice, pasta or noodles and a selection of seasonal vegetables and salads.

Fresh fruit (V) is served each day as an alternative pudding.

A choice of milk drink or fruit cordial is served everyday as an alternative to chilled water. Chilled water are available throughout lunch.

Please note that the menu may be altered from time to time; parents are advised to check with the school cook if necessary.

Where do our ingredients come from

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Nutrient Based Standards in Schools

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