School council

School council diary

November 2013


We have had a really important job to do this week. Some of us have been involved in helping Mrs Jennings recruit a super teacher for Class 3/4. We had some great questions such as; what do you want to be when you grow up??? We were only supposed to take 10 minutes, but we chatted for much longer.

Children in Need appeal

This year it has been the responsibility of us Councillors to get organised and raise as much money as possible for those children who really need our help. We talked in assembly about our plan which was to sell as many wrist bands as possible. We also wanted it to be as much fun as possible so we held a PJ day. We managed to raise nearly £200. It was great seeing our Teachers and Head Teacher in their PJ’s and help people at the same time.

October 2013

Special guest – Mrs Wheeler

This week we were delighted that Mrs Wheeler our school cook came to one of our meetings. She wanted to know what we thought of hot lunches and we wanted to know what her new carrot cake cookies tasted like! We enjoyed the cookies and helped to design a new menu for hot lunches.


We think that conkers are great fun. In the past they have been banned but we wanted to change that. We have designed a brilliant poster which gives guidance on what we should and shouldn’t do with conker to ensure that everyone stays safe and enjoys playing with them. There are loads in our school field. We also held a conker competition to find out who has the biggest conker. It was very tough to decide, however the winners were Joseph Hitchman, Lucy Hitchman and Jacob Foxall, respectively.

September 2013

Harvest collection

We decided that we wanted to collect as much food as we could to help people who live in and around our own communities. To help us do this, we designed a flyer which went home in book books and also put lots of poster up around school. When the food came into school we made a huge display in the hall for everyone to see. We donated the food a local food bank and Rev. John wrote us a thank you letter, saying it was the most he had ever received.

The Bishop’s visit

Bishop Christopher came to visit our school because this year we have been celebrating our Birthday of 200 Years. It was amazing; he was so kind to everyone. All of the councillors had the important job of welcoming the Bishop. We had tea and biscuits and a good chat about our School. We then took Bishop Christopher on a tour of the school and to every classroom.

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