Would you like to be a School Councillor?

What does a School Councillor do?

  • Meet with the Head Teacher
  • Discuss what is going on in school
  • Choose a Chair Person and a Secretary (to take notes)
  • Decide on important things you would like to happen or change in school, such as:-
    • Break times
    • Uniform
    • Fund raising
    • Designing
    • School Lunch
    • Hold meetings with people

Who can be a School Councillor

  • Year 3 x 2
  • Year 4 x 2
  • Year 5 x 2
  • Year 6 x 2

There will be an opportunity for Mini-Councillors from, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 – to meet with Mrs Jennings and the other Councillors at key times in the year.


  • Listening
  • Be fair to everyone
  • Have some good ideas
  • Be responsible
  • Be a super role model
  • Be prepared to give up some of your time to do Councillors work

What is it like to be School Councillor?

  • You will get a special badge
  • You will get special permission to do things
  • You will meet once a fortnight

How to become a School Councillor

  • Complete the form given out by Mrs Jennings
  • Share your thoughts
  • Children will vote (privately)
  • The two children with most votes per year group will become School Councillors