Design & Technology

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Wheeled Vehicle Project

Year 2 and Year 6 have worked in pairs to design make wheeled vehicles as part of an engineering competition.

Each pair in Year 2 made a wheeled vehicle out of a shoebox which could carry a toy.  The vehicle had to travel down a ramp and continue as far as possible in a straight line.

Year 6 made wooden framed wheeled vehicles that had to travel up a ramp with the help of a battery powered motor. 

An engineer came to work with us and helped us to select  a winning team from each class. Winners were selected based on how well their vehicle performed in the tests as well as how imaginative, original and unique their designs were and how well they worked as a team. Mrs Marcroft took the winning team from each class to a competition held as FANUC UK in Coventry where their vehicles competed against other schools.

There were lots of other schools there!  The vehicles and teams were judged on  the performance of the vehicle as well as the children’s research, designs and evaluations. Each team also had to discuss their vehicle and their design with a judge, talking through problems they had, how they solved them and why they think their vehicle works well. 

We are very proud of both our Year 6 and Year 2 children who came to the competition, they were a credit to the school.  Our Year 2 children came first in  the design competition and their vehicle came second in the vehicle performance competition. 

Here are some pictures of the children making their vehicles in class and some photos from the competition in Coventry. 


Playing connect 4 while we wait to be judged!


Year 6:

This week, we have designed, made, tested and evaluated cars that go backwards and forwards.