Phonics – phase 3

The purpose of this phase is to:

  • Teach more graphemes, most of which are made of two letters, for example, ‘oa’ as in boat
  • Practise blending and segmenting a wider set of CVC words, for example, fizz, chip, sheep, light
  • Learn all letter names and begin to form them correctly
  • Read more tricky words and begin to spell some of them
  • Read and write words in phrases and sentences.

CVC words containing graphemes made of two or more letters

Here are some examples of words your children will be reading: tail, week, right, soap, food, park,burn, cord, town, soil

Ways you can support your children at home

  • Sing an alphabet song together.
  • Play ‘I spy’, using letter names as well as sounds.
  • Continue to play with magnetic letters, using some of the two grapheme (letter) combinations:

r-ai-n = rain blending for reading rain = r-ai-n – segmenting for spelling

b-oa-t = boat blending for reading boat = b-oa-t – segmenting for spelling

h-ur-t = hurt blending for reading hurt = h-ur-t – segmenting for spelling

  • Praise your child for trying out words.
  • Ask teachers for a list of the tricky words.
  • Set a timer. Call out one word at a time and get your child to spell it on a magic board or a small whiteboard, against the timer – remember they can use magnetic letters.
  • Play ‘Pairs’, turning over two words at a time trying to find a matching pair. This is especially helpful with the tricky words: the the, to to, no no, go go, I I
  • Don’t worry if they get some wrong! These are hard to remember – they need plenty of practice.

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