Class 2 2015-16 Archive

Below you will find archive class information for  Class 2.


Curriculum Overviews for Parents

Curriculum Overview – Summer Class 2
Parent overview Year 2

Meet the Teacher Presentation

Meet the teacher 2


In Science we have been learning about plastics and how, as well as recycling them, we can reuse them. We designed and made new products which could be made by reusing materials made from plastic. Here are some of our results.


Outdoor Learning

The children in class 2 have been using our outdoor environment to help them solve maths problems.

Year 2 bYear 2 cYear 2 a

Class 2 had a go at doing some ‘Old Fashioned’ games to play on the playground during break and lunchtime.

Year 2 d

Year 2 have been very busy with their teachers Mrs Petty and Mrs Marcroft.

We have been working hard to make our learning environment fun and exciting to work in. So we have created some super displays, including our Respect display, we are proud of our classroom and we even won The Golden Dustpan, for keeping our classroom tidy!


We have been going over some very important spelling, grammar and punctuation rules, including when to use a question mark and exclamation mark. Also how to use a connective within a sentence. A tiger came to tea last week, yikes! For the next couple of weeks we will be swept away with some beautiful traditonal tales.


We have been recapping number bonds, times tables and doubles so we can talk about how to solve problems using our super knowledge. We have also been doing symmetry and properties of 2d shapes.

We each had a shape and could fold it or use a mirror to work out if it was symmetrical or not. Then we placed it on our class Venn diagram. Next time, we’re going to sort some other shapes and place on our own Venn diagram. We’ll look at different properties though, for example looking at whether they are quadrilaterals and if they have a least one right-angle!

Maths Class 2

Our Great Fire of London has been very interesting and we have been comparing our lives with those who lived during 1666, we have looked at pictures and the Internet to help us understand.


We have been investigating different materials and their properties using our scientific questioning and enquiry. We have thought about how their properties mean they are suitable for certain uses and not for others! Would you want to go out in the rain wearing a coat made of paper? Or sleep on a bed of nails?

Science Class 2Science Class 2 a

Also on a Friday, one of us will be taking home Tiger, this means we have shown RESPECT in and around our learning environment. We hope he doesn’t eat all the food and drink at our houses!!