Class 1 2015-16 Archive

Below you will find archive class information for Class 1.


Curriculum Overviews for Parents

Curriculum Overview – Summer Class 1
Parent overview Year 1

Meet the Teacher Presentation:

Meet the teacher 1

Police Visit:

Charlotte and Joy, two police ladies came to school to teach us about Safe Strangers.

We had written questions to Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf. We were worried about how safe Little Red Riding Hood was. We had great fun with Charlotte and Joy and they let us go in their car and try on their uniform.

police 031police 055police 062

Volcano Making:

In our house teams, we collaborated to design and make a papier-mâché volcano. We have been exploring volcanoes as part of our Science and Creative Curriculum learning investigating dinosaurs.


Story of Christmas:

We listened to Mrs Hargreave tell us the greatest story of all and then we told each other what we could remember.

Can you guess what the story was about?

Year 1 Xmas 1Year 1 Xmas 2Year 1 Xmas 3Year 1 Xmas 4


The children had different amounts that they had to make from different coins.

Year 1 Maths 1Year 1 Maths 2Year 1 Maths 3

Describe position and direction using common words including ½ turn:

SC: I can use language of position, direction and movement

Today in Maths we guided our partners around the playground using positional language.

We used words such as forwards, backwards, left, right turn 1/2, turn 1/4 and full turn.

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Creative Curriculum and literacy:

Our topic this term is Medieval Castles and Kingdoms. We have been enjoying constructing our role play areas, inside and out, and acting out and retelling the story of Rapunzel in our literacy lessons.

Class 1 b


We have been working with numbers to 20, counting forward and back, singing counting songs and playing counting games to practise. We are learning number bonds to 5 and using our classroom recourses to help us.

Outdoor learning:

We are beginning to explore different materials around our school. How many can you find?

Home learning:

To celebrate the Queen’s reign, the children have made something to commemorate the Queen. Elliot’s necklace was selected to win the Year One first place prize, well done Elliot!

Class 1 a

Here is a selection of just some of the other wonderful entries:

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