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Maths Challenge:

We tried to calculate what fraction of the whole sheet of paper  the smallest triangle is.

2605 b

Paper Bag Challenge

As part of our work on India, we have discovered that many workers have no employer or regular wage. Instead they work as street vendors. In Kolkata, some people earn a living making paper bags out of recycled waste paper. Some children make 200 bags in a day in India. We struggled to make a single one to a good enough standard.


Godly Play:

This week we discussed the Ten Commandments

2605 c

Well Done!

Well done to all year six children who have worked so hard this week to take the SAT tests. We are so proud of every single one of you!!

It’s not all been hard work; there’s been plenty of food.


Romeo and Juliet:

Well done year five  – a fabulous rhyming performance of Shakespeare’s famous play.
030517 g

St George’s Day:

To celebrate St George’s Day, we made themed biscuits.

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Holy Week

Using textiles, we collaborated to produce images associated with events in Holy Week.


The Last Supper

We have used collage techniques, photography skills and paint to think about The Last Supper.

310317 c310317 d310317 b310317 a


Using large sheets of paper, we made 3D crosses.

220317 a220317 b220317 c


We have made chalices using collage techniques as part of our work on The Last Supper. As part of our work on water, we have used our knowledge of circuits to build lighthouses.

150317 c150317 a150317 b


Using our investigative maths skills related to time, distance, ratio and measure, we planned a school trip.

150317 d150317 e


As part of our weekly ICT, we have been creating news paper reports about Romeo and Juliet.

090317 f090317 h090317 g

Romeo and Juliet:

Today we made movie trailers and re-enacted scenes from the play.

090317 e090317 b090317 d090317 a090317 c


Using our knowledge of electrical circuits, we made festive decorations.

010307 a0100307 b010307 b010307 c


Today we sampled some traditional French foods.

15022017 a

Muddy Monday Maths:

We have been learning about factors and prime factors.

15022017 b15022017 c

Romeo and Juliet:

We have started to explore the prologue.

09022017 e09022017 f09022017 g09022017 d

Muddy Monday:

As part of our RE work, we designed and made memorial gardens for Badger from the story Badger’s Parting Gift.

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As part of our Creative Curriculum topic we have been learning about river features. Using a lot of PVA glue, we created a papier mache model of a river system.



This week, we have been designing nets to create sports cars.
2017 18


Thank you for all the super models, posters, poems and paintings that promote E-Safety.

2017 17


We collaborated to build paper bridges that would allow a small toy car to cross a 40cm canyon. We had a budget of £100 to spend at Bob’s Building Supplies (who unfortunately only stocked paper, paper-clips and sellotape).

2017 152017 142017 132017 122017 16

Muddy Monday:

We hunted for clues to find out about the continents of the world.

2017 92017 102017 11

Maths Investigation:

We collaborated to work out how many people it would take to hold hands around the world.

2017 8
hristmas Lunch:

2017 52017 62017 7

Mona Lisa:

We used our literacy and ICT skills to create stories titled “Who Stole The Mona Lisa?” then collaborated to reproduce Da Vinci’s famous artwork.

2017 32017 22017 12017 4

LI: Produce Mondrian inspired art and calculate area and perimeter.

0812 10812 30812 2

3D Christmas Decorations:
Using a lot of PVA glue we tried to make Christmas baubles.

0712 10712 20712 30712 40712 5

Photo Art:
We used ICT to manipulate images.

2811 12811 22811 3

Muddy Monday:
We took inspiration from Andy Goldsworthy to create rangoli patterns.

712 3712 1712 2712 4712 5

We have been looking at how Parliament works. We then formed our own political parties, created manifestos, set up a polling station and held democratic elections. The Transform Party won the majority of the votes.

Democracy 3Democracy 2Democracy

Thank You:

Thank you to the children in year 6 who sold poppies for a very worthwhile cause.



This half term our value is RESPONSIBILITY. We have produced art work and written stories to reflect the fact that we are all responsible for making the world a happy, peaceful and enjoyable place to live.


Muddy Monday Spelling Tig:

We attempted to “tig” all the children wearing stickers with the correct letters to spell the given word.



As well as writing descriptively about the impact of an earthquake, we have completed crosswords and made seismographs.


Muddy Monday:

Using a map of the school grounds, we found clues and answered questions about negative numbers.


Autumn Fun:

We had fun in the beautiful autumn leaves.


Inca Tunics:

After learning that “commoners” wore tunics in the ancient capital of Cuzco, we designed our own.


Muddy Monday:

To help with our literacy work on character descriptions and information texts, we made Bog Babies.


Potato Clock

Using potatoes, 2 zinc strips and 2 copper strips, we created batteries to power a clock.

A potato battery is an electrochemical battery. Chemical energy is converted to electric energy.



After discovering that a packet of crisps contains 130 calories and 8 grams of fat, we mad out own healthy alternatives. Although they looked delicious and smelled great, they were perhaps not as crispy as they could have been. After baking the crisps we designed our own packaging which involved using our photography skills.



This week, as part of Healthy Living Week, we have made IMovies featuring vegetable superheroes.


Book Fair:

Thank you to the children in years 5 and 6 who have helped to run the book fair.


Life Education Van:

As part of Healthy Living Week, we learned about the difference between legal and illegal drugs and the impact that medicines can have on our bodies.



Having drawn around each other in the playground, we measured height, arm span and leg length etc then converted the units of measure.


Inca Communication:

There was no written language in the Inca Empire, so couriers were used to send messages orally over distances of thousands of miles. We attempted to pass messages across the school field, but things didn’t go to plan.

To record numbers, the Incas used a quipus – which was a series of knots on strings.

CommunicationQuipus 2Quipus 3

The Scream:

This week, Class 5/6 have produced work based on Edvard Munch’s Scream. As well as using batik techniques and colour mixing skills, the children have written setting descriptions.

Scream 1Scream 2Scream 3

Team Building:

The first day back after a lovely long holiday involved team games and getting to know you activities.

Team building 1Team building 2


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