Paddington Bear Trip

Why did we participate in the into film festival?

The Into Film Festival is an exciting and unique event for young people that takes place all around the UK during November each year. The Festival helps bring learning to life for 5 to 19-year-olds by inspiring them to watch, make and understand film in new and creative ways, as well as helping to build a lifelong passion for film.

This year as part of Ettington’s focus on British Culture and values, the choice of free films to watch on offer tied in brilliantly with our curricula and supported the learning and PSHE within our school.

So on Thursday 12th November 2015  excited children from Yr 1 to Yr 6 visited the Stratford-upon Avon  Picture House to watch Paddington Bear. A fun and enjoyable morning was had by all, followed up by by film review work and PSHE lessons in class.


Into Film Festival – Cultural Perspectives

With these stories from around the world, including Britain, we celebrate the wonder of cultural diversity. In encouraging empathy and tolerance, these films have been chosen to illustrate the roles that faith, history, language, customs and traditions play in the make-up of our collective and distinctive cultural identities.