Marle Hall: Day One

Marle Hall: Day One Attached is an email and some photographs from Miss Soloman. Enjoy Mr Higgitt After a loooonnng and NOISY journey of “Are we nearly there yet?” we have safely arrived at our home for the week. The sun was shining as we picnicked on the veranda before getting suited and booted for […]

Marle Hall Day Four

It was another bright and early start (although minus the fire alarm) followed by a hefty breakfast and then the groups were up and ready for another busy day. Mr Higgitt’s group started the day at a local beach and went exploring what sea creatures they could find. The children looked closely and managed to […]

Marle Hall Day Three

It was a bright, cold and early start with the fire alarm giving everybody a sharp wake up call around 5am. However all the children remained calm and sensible and showed great maturity during the drill (which thankfully was a false alarm). A hearty breakfast and a few hot wake me up drinks commenced afterwards […]

Thomas Hall’s Birthday – Marle Hall Night Two

After a brief rest it was time for a dinner and time for a suprise for Thomas Hall who¬†turned eleven today! It was a quick turn around after dinner and time for some night time activities. Children took part in various activities which involved blindfolding one another and guiding them through different obstacle courses. The […]

Marle Hall Day Two

The children were up bright and early ready for another jam packed day of activities. They were split into three groups and each group set off for the day after a large hearty breakfast and clothing adaptions. Mr Higgitt’s group took part in canoeing and bushcraft and all children thoroughly enjoyed the activities. The canoeing […]