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Extracts from the latest report  – January 2016

All Staff are dedicated to providing the highest of care for pupils.

Pupils are tolerant and respectful to fellow classmates and adults alike.

pupils achieve well academically and are taught to be responsible and thoughtful citizens. As a result, they are very well prepared for life in modern Britain.

Lessons are fun and pupils play and work together harmoniously.

Staff have a detailed knowledge of every pupil and use this exceptionally well to ensure that provision is closely tailored to meet the needs of all groups of pupils.

Teachers have  a highly detailed knowledge of pupils and their abilities.

Pupils collaborate well and communication and language development are clearly promoted.

Pupils read well and enjoy reading from a wide range of books.

Imaginative teaching strategies capture children’s attention.

In lessons, pupils are attentive and demonstrate positive attitudes to their learning.

Pupils achieve well and reach standards which are well above average by the time they leave.

Pupils trust adults and are confident that if they have a problem, staff will help them sort it out.

Teachers provide helpful feedback and guidance to pupils so that they know how to improve their work.

Staff and Governors are extremely committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children.

Staff work together as a united team, support each other and improve the quality of teaching.

Staff have successfully created a happy and thriving school environment. Key values such as responsibility, truthfulness and respect, together with an exciting and imaginative curriculum, contribute well to pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

A range of activities, subjects and enrichment events ensure pupils love school and develop the physical, creative and academic skills needed for the next stage of their education.

Pupils have learned about different cultures and people from other faiths. They welcome and accept everyone.

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